Today, you need more than a web site. You need Web Presence. We are web presence specialists. We help you develop and implement your web presence strategy.



WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. More simply, WordPress is your web hub. It’s what you use when you want to maximize your web presence, connect with your target market (tribe), and use your website to drive revenue and results.

Ad-hoc web presence consulting starting at $125 per hour.

WordPress Web Presence Development starting at $1,399.

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Apple Consultants

As Apple Consultants, based in Atlanta, GA, we focus on helping small to medium sized businesses and non-profits leverage the Apple Macintosh platform to easily create amazing content and manage their business.

If your business or organization is looking to…

  • Get everyone on the same page
  • Increase productivity
  • Deliver on your promises faster

let us know. We’re here to help.

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Have you ever found yourself thinking any of these things…

  • Our organization needs to get all of our data organized so that it’s all in one place and accessible to everyone.
  • Our organization needs a system to help us shorten the sales cycle for Opportunities.
  • Our organization needs a systematic approach to managing our Projects.

If so, Daylite may be the right solution for your organization. With Daylite and Daylite touch, you can have all of your pertinent business information at your fingertips all the time, enabling you and your staff to close Opportunities faster and finish Projects quicker. Ask us about how we can help you and your organization drive business forward with Daylite.









On-site and Remote training

DL Full Screen ShotWhile it’s important to make an investment in computer hardware and software for your business, it’s even more important to have an understanding of how to utilize that investment to it’s fullest potential. With that in mind, we offer On-site and Remote training on WordPress, Mac OS X, Daylite, 37Signals, and more.

Contact us for details.



In his book "Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us", Seth Godin argues that lasting and substantive change can be best effected by a tribe: a group of people connected to each other, to a leader and to an idea. Smart innovators find or assemble a movement of similarly minded individuals and get the tribe excited by a new product, service or message, often via the Internet (consider, for example, the popularity of the Obama campaign, Facebook or Twitter). Tribes, Godin says, can be within or outside a corporation, and almost everyone can be a leader.

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