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Posted on March 9, 2009 by Kevin Gilbert Tweet This

We would like to congratulate our partner Marketcircle on this achievement. We got to see the Daylite Touch preview at Macworld in January and have been excited about the release and the potential for ourselves and our Daylite clients ever since then. This will truly be a game changer for small and medium businesses. It will offer unprecedented mobile access, at your fingertips, to the most important data a person needs to get business and keep business. We love the desktop version of Daylite and have been eager to find something that would provide that level of detail and integration in a mobile package. Thanks to Marketcircle and their dedicated staff, it’s almost here. Keep up the excellent work!
If you are a small or medium business and have been looking for a great solution for CRM, or project management, take a look at Daylite and Daylite Touch. You can also join us at our upcoming workshop on Daylite at the Apple Store, North Point Mall in Alpharetta, GA. You can also find info on our Digital Design Solutions Facebook page under Events and on the LinkedIn Events page.

Daylite Touch Submitted to the AppStore

March 7, 2009 on 1:14 pm | In Apple, Business, Daylite, General

Exactly one year after Apple released the iPhone SDK and exactly one year after we began development, we submitted Daylite Touch to the AppStore yesterday.

Daylite Touch is major milestone for us as a company. Not only is it our first mobile app, it is also a milestone for small businesses. You’ll get functionality that even large scale enterprise systems don’t have, such as scheduling meetings with colleagues right from the phone you can also view their calendars. You’ll get power features such as open projects with linked tasks, appointments and notes from all users. You’ll get really useful “on the go” features such as the home screen with everything you have to do today and tomorrow. And more…

via Marketcircle Blog.

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