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Posted on July 23, 2009 by Jarrod Skeggs Tweet This

highrise-manage-your-leads-contactsOne of the biggest benefits of using Highrise as a CRM solution is the ability to capture and link email correspondence related to Contacts or Companies in your database. If you’ve used Highrise for any length of time and have used the Dropbox feature, you’ve probably sent an email to someone and forgotten to bcc your Dropbox at one point or another. Don’t fret, you can still link that email you sent to the correct Contact or Company using the Dropbox. Here’s how…

  1. Within your Email client, navigate to the culprit email. (That would be the one that you sent without bcc’ing your Highrise Dropbox and it should be located in your SENT folder).
  2. After locating that email, hit the Forward button in preparation to forward it on to your Highrise Dropbox.
  3. Before you forward the email to your Highrise Dropbox, you’ll want to go and change the From information. At present, it should show that the email was from You. You’ll want to edit this so that the email shows From the Contact or Company you wish to link it to in Highrise. Here’s how:
  4. Email currently shows this information: From: Me <>
  5. Edit this information to show the Contact name and email address that is in the Contact record in Highrise, ie: From: First Last <>
  6. Once you have edited the From information, make sure that you have entered the forwarding address to go to your Highrise Dropbox.
  7. Hit the send button and then check your Highrise Dashboard. You should see the email there, linked to the Contact or Company that you specified in step 5.

Highrise is an amazingly efficient and easy to use Client Relationship Management application that is completely web based. Click the Highrise graphic above to explore Highrise in a little more depth and find out how to get your 30 day free trial. We offer Highrise Implementation and Consulting services so feel free to call on us if you need assistance.

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