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The TED Tribes talk is now live

May 12, 2009 1 comment

The TED Tribes talk is now live via Seth’s Blog: The TED Tribes talk is now live. We’ve been fans of Seth Godin and his books, specifically his book Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us. We are trying to build our Tribe here at Digital Design Solutions by providing expert advice, quality service, and better [...]

#Tribes – Day 23 – Don’t Be Stuck On Stupid. Be a Heretic. Initiate Risk.

May 8, 2009 5 comments

Today is day 23 of the Tribes group blogging experiment that we are participating in. We are honored to be a part of the project and hope that we continue the good conversation that has been taking place over the past few weeks. If you stumbled upon this post and would like some historical perspective, [...]

#Tribes – Day 9 – Heretics and Fear – Chronicles of Dawnia

April 22, 2009 1 comment

Welcome to Day 9 of ChurchCrunch’s Group Blog Project. I am the lucky recipient to cover pages 40-45 of Seth Godin’s wonderful gem called Tribes. Picking up from where  Dawn Nicole Baldwin’s very excellent post yesterday left off, we get to examine what Seth calls “the F word…. fear.” Let’s start first with one of [...]

#Tribes – Day 8 – Let’s Hear It For The Little Guy – Connect

April 21, 2009 No comments yet

What I love about innovation–the power of an idea–is it can come from anywhere. It’s not dependent on what you’ve done before, your talents or bank account size. In fact, too much of any of these things can actually inhibit the process. That’s why I’m a huge cheerleader for the little guys. via Let’s Hear [...]

#Tribes – Day 5 – Is this thing on?!?* « Metanoia

April 17, 2009 No comments yet

Communication is multi-faceted I think for me it is fairly simple to understand the importance of good communication to the tribe, but what makes these pages a little more challenging is to understand the significance of communication within the tribe (or feedback loops from the tribe to the leader) that can take your tribe to [...]

#Tribes – Day 4 – givelovecoffee: Daily Mug Shot

April 16, 2009 1 comment

Leaders need to be unstable in their thinking patterns and in the way they do things today may not be the same way things NEED to be done 5 years from now. via givelovecoffee: Daily Mug Shot. Shannon leads the conversation on Tribes today over at Give Love Coffee as part of the group-blogging project we’re [...]

#Tribes – Day 3 – True Leadership « MEDIA SALT

April 15, 2009 1 comment

Welcome to day 3 of the Tribes Group Blogging Project that began Monday at ChurchCrunch. As I humbly pick up the torch, lets dive a little deeper into a discussion about true leadership (pages 12-16). “Leadership is Not Management” via #Tribes – Day 3 – True Leadership « MEDIA SALT. Eric Murell leads the conversation [...]

#Tribes group blog begins

April 13, 2009 1 comment

 Just wanted to mention to everyone that we are participating in a group blog over at Church Crunch with a number of other folks over the next month or so. We’ll all be blogging about Seth Godin’s recent book, Tribes. Here is a link to the first post. Kevin and I have already listened to [...]

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